Small changes to your diet can make a big difference to your health 

Eating a balanced diet can affect how you think, feel and look but how many of us know what a balanced diet really means?  
Food and eating can be confusing with conflicting health claims and new products introduced weekly to many shops and supermakets. 
Most people simply need to be equipped with basic facts about natural, food and the effect it has on health so that they can apply this to their food choices as often as possible.  
Nourshing Times applies scientfically backed dietary advice to inform you how to achieve a balance of nutrients in your diet and supports you achieve this in practical ways. 
Whether you have a diet related condition such as IBS or high cholesterol or would simply like some professional advice on how to adapt your diet to make it healthier, please call 07584 417654 for a preliminary chat or send an email to 
Support To Schools 
If you are a school working towards a Healthy School Scheme standard or simply trying to encourage families to eat a well balanced diet, practical support is available for families, pupils and staff . Workshops are in support of work initiated by the Powys Healthy Schools Team. 
Please call 07584 417654 to discuss.  
Personalised 12 Week Weight Loss Programme 
If you need one-to-one support in losing weight in a healthy way, and most importantly, would like to understand the structure of a balanced diet, join the Nourishing Times 12 week weight loss programme for long term change. 
12 Weeks To A Lighter You! is a programme designed to make your regular food choices healthier and balanced, leading to both weight loss and a feeling of overall well being. 
Based on widely researched evidence about the benefits of a balanced diet, the programme starts with an assessment of your current diet and a summary of the foods and portions that need to be adapted. Then, over the course of 12 weeks, we make the changes in a structured way to suit you and your lifestyle. 
Meal ideas, meal plans, guidance with grocery shopping, introduction to new foods and alternatives to common "downfall foods" will encourage weight reduction at a stable pace. 
Progress is recorded in a 12 Week Work Book so that you can see how your weekly dietary pattern and weight is changing. 
The fee for the programme is £225 which includes a one to one consultation, a 12 Week Work Book as well as weekly email or telephone contact. 
"After nearly 30 years of yoyo dieting on a variety of well known diet plans this 12 week plan has been a revelation and has changed my relationship with food forever. I have felt fully supported throughout and find Sharon's holistic approach to nutrition both refreshing and motivational. I have not felt like I am on a diet, but more that I am discovering a better way to eat. I have valued the individual advice that Sharon has offered and her willingness to discuss other dietary aspects as well as supporting my weight loss journey. I have found the flexibility of the programme, with face to face, telephone and email communication very convenient and Sharon's willingness to fit in with my busy schedule very useful. I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme". Christine 
If you would like to make your long term diet healthier and lose weight but still enjoy life's simple pleasures, call on 07584 417654 or email 
Nourishing Times News 
To subscribe to the latest news on food and nutrition, please leave your name, email address and particular point of nutritional interest on the form to the right. 
Do you suspect a food intolerance ? 
More and more people are experiencing discomfort after eating but can't quite pin point the food that may be causing a problem. Food intolerances usually result in a delayed type of reaction which occurs several hours or even days after a food is consumed making detection difficult. Some symptoms which may indicate a food intolerance are bloating, gas, headache, joint pain, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, skin problems, weight gain or even some respiratory conditions such as a persistant cough. If you would like to discuss any symptoms you have or hear more about the range of tests available for food intolerace, please call 07584 417654. Testing is done with a finger-prick blood sample in collaboration with a laboratory. 

Rock Park Complementary Health Centre, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 6AE 
Consultations and workshops available from March 2016. Please phone 07584 417654 to make an appointment. 

Good Food & Body Programme - One to one Food & Fitness Programme  
This is a unique programme focusing on optimising your diet and fitness level. Working with Sally Vaughan (Personal Trainer) and myself, your current diet and fitness level will be assessed and a programme designed for change. One to one support will be provided over either 6 or 12 weeks, depending on your preference. This course can be personalised for a group of friends or a community group. Please call 07584 417654 for more information or see 
"I have consciously changed my food shopping habits and threfore my eating habits as a result of the course. Understanding the reasons certain foods should be limited and others encouraged is really useful and motivating. I'm more mindful of my daily activity regime too ... for which my dogs are also feeling the benefit". Kara 
"Tired of yo-yo dieting, I contacted Sharon for nutritional advice. . After discussing habits and lifestyle, Sharon gave practical help. The changes are amazing, from weight loss to energy levels and a rediscovery of food enjoyment. I would recommend anyone to seek her advice". 
"Having tried every diet and failed, I contacted Sharon on a friend's recommendation. Sharon explained the importance of food groups and their quantities. Recipes and support were given at all times and I never felt deprived of food. I just looked at food in a different way. I have lost 1 stone and 12 pounds, am never hungry and have not had any migraines in 6 months". Jayne 
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